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Terms Of Use
The Website Owner, comprising branches and associates ("Getyourpandit.com" or "we" or "us" or "our" or “HADC Private Limited") shall provide to tourists ("visitors") (cumulatively referred to as "you" or "your") the information contained on the Website or on any of the sites hosting the Website ("website") subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Website.
Terms & Conditions
Welcome to the Getyourpandit.com blog. When you continue to visit and use this website, you consent to comply with the following terms and conditions of use that regulate Getyourpandit.com's agreement with you in relation to this website in accordance with our privacy policy.
The word ' Getyourpandit.com ' or ' us ' or ' we ' applies to the website owner with getyourpandit.com as his registered office. The phrase ' you ' applies to our website's customer or client.
Do remember, gifts, chanda, chadhawa, etc. are NOT taken. When you notice someone who misrepresents us – please let us know at info@getyourpandit.com as soon as possible.
Summary Of T&C
The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:
The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice.
Neither we nor any third party provide any assurance or warranty about the quality, timeliness, durability, completeness or suitability of the information and materials contained or provided for any specific purpose on this website. You agree that such documents and materials can contain errors or inaccuracies, and we specifically exclude any responsibility for such inaccuracies or errors. 
The use on this platform of any details or data is solely at your own cost and we shall not be responsible for that. It is your own responsibility to ensure that any goods, facilities or material on this website satisfy your specific needs.
This website incorporates content leased or issued to us. Such content covers the architecture, style, sound, presentation and graphics, but is not limited to them. Reproduction is illegal except in compliance with the notification of copyright, which is part of these terms and conditions.
The website acknowledges any trademarks used on this page that are not registered or authorized to the user.
Unauthorized use of this website can result in a damage claim and/or a criminal offence.
The website may also contain links to other websites from time to time. For your convenience, these links are given to provide additional information. We don't say we help the website(s). We are not liable for the related website(s) content.
By using our website, you grant us explicit permission for pooja, prasad and related offers to visit any temple on your behalf.
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The use of this website and any controversy resulting from such use of the website or its contents shall be regulated by the laws of India and shall be dealt with first through mandatory arbitration and, if applicable, by the courts of Delhi.
Detailed T&C
Please read carefully the terms and conditions prior to using the website.
Through visiting http:/getyourpandit.com offered through HADC Pvt. Limited at http:/getyourpandit.com or a similar URL and using this page, you show your agreement and no opposition to ALL Terms of Use.
Terms Of Use-Disclaimer
This is an User Agreement that is intended to be a legally binding contract between you and us.
You acknowledge that to enter into binding contracts, learn, recognize and be bound by the User Agreement, you are of legal age. If you do not want to be governed by this User Agreement, you should not use this Website or make any purchase / sale transaction.
"You" refers, "User" means the end user browsing the Website, its contents, ordering goods, placing orders for homams, poojas, vaastu and astrology consulting provided by us and using the apps offered by the Website, and "we," "us" and "our" means "Getyourpandit.com."
Through visiting this website, any of its pages and placing the order for any of our items, you are deemed to have read and committed to the following terms and conditions.
Website Terms Of Use
Getyourpandit.com, with its registered office in India, provides religious services. You are given the use of the Website subject to approval of all the terms, conditions and notes found in these Terms, as well as any modifications at its sole discretion and posted on the Website.
Functionalities Offered
This website- http:/getyourpandit.com provides to the users homams / yagnas, poojas, pooja products, yantras, astrology consulting, vaastu consultation and catering services with a portal of payment. In case of “Emergency services” as displayed on the website, You agree that once booked, it shall not be subjected to cancellation and if you do not want to get it performed, then HADC Pvt. Ltd. shall not be liable to return the amount received from you.

Product Liability Disclaimer
All The Online Products
The product specifications (weight, size, color etc.) mentioned with the product photos are only approximate.
Hence, there may be a slight variation in the pictures and the objects concerned. God Statues may offer a similar / alternate commodity in its absolute discretion for purposes or specifications beyond its control.
Astrology Consultation
The horoscope and predictive guidance obtained by participants should not be used as a replacement for the recommendations, services, or care usually provided from a licensed professional such as a judge, psychologist, therapist, or financial planner.
Getyourpandit.com does not carry out the diagnosis of any particular disease, disability or ailment, nor does getyourpandit.com pledge to either enhance or relieve some particular physical condition or remedy some particular physical condition or its absence. By using this website, you agree that you do not use getyourpandit.com's facilities to treat any particular disease, disability, sickness, ailment and physical condition. 
Havans  And Poojas
The cost mentioned for all havans and poojas will only be conducted for you personally or for anyone you want to designate when you book. Write to us at info@getyourpandit.com if you want us to perform in a group (group sankalpam).
Get your pandit Shall shall not be held liable if the vendor / priest does not arrive or pause in your position because of any natural causes (flooding, heavy traffic, etc.), accidents / health or other environmental / government issues.
Notice also that all pandits / priests registered with Getyourpandit.com conducting poojas on your request are all independent contractors and therefore getyourpandit.com is not responsible for any conflict or issue occurring between the User and the Pandit / Priests. Please note that Getyourpandit.com is just a website that links users to the priests.
Disclaimer Of Warranty & Liability
Getyourpandit.com offers no promises or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, with regard to the activity of the website or the details, content, materials or items found on this website, including the fact that Getyourpandit.com is not the designated agent or service provider approved by any temple authority for which the services are provided. To the fullest extent possible It should be decided clearly that Getyourpandit.com is not responsible for any material sent by any third party utilizing and/or included in a website / service. Under no conditions shall Getyourpandit.com be responsible for any actual, indirect, punitive, accidental, extraordinary, consequential damages or damages of any kind, including, without limitation, damages arising from or in any manner through loss of use, data or income.
Applicable Law
Such arrangement is regulated by Republic of India's rules. You hereby irrevocably agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and location of courts in Delhi, India in all matters resulting from or involving the use of the website / services of getyourpandit.com. In any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all requirements of these words, the use of the getyourpandit.com website / services is not allowed.
Conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process;
Protect and defend the rights or property of getyourpandit.com or its affiliated companies;
Enforce the terms or use;
Act to protect the interests of its members or others.
Getyourpandit.com's execution of this Agreement is subject to applicable laws and legal procedures and nothing in this Agreement derogates from the responsibility of Getyourpandit.com to cooperate with legislative, judicial and law enforcement orders or provisions pertaining to your use of the getyourpandit.com website / services or information provided or obtained by getyourpandit.com for such use. If any portion of this clause is considered to be null or unenforceable by applicable law, including, but not limited to, the contract disclaimers and limits on responsibility set out above, then the unconstitutional or unenforceable section shall be deemed to be superseded by a legitimate enforceable provision that most closely matches the original provision's meaning and the remainder of the provision. That the purpose of the original clause is most closely matched and the remainder of the arrangement will continue to be successful. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, this Agreement represents the entire agreement between the customer and getyourpandit.com about the website / services of getyourpandit.com and supersedes all of them.
Most of the getyourpandit.com material was gathered from various books, blogs. Please write to us at info@getyourpandit.com if you believe that any of the content is yours and should not be posted on the internet.
As per shastras, the benefits of Havans, Poojas, Paaths, and other rituals listed on our website. We are given for comprehension of consumers. The outcome of the rituals may vary from person to person and we at getyourpandit.com do not promise any outcomes. The booking of havans or poojas or any other rituals with getyourpandit.com by the user is done on his or her sole discretion.
Getyourpandit.com takes great care when the products are delivered. All products are bundled with regular materials for wrapping. Delivery is carried out for international customers through INDIAN POST or Courier, in accordance with the laws applicable in India. The consumer will accommodate some changes in government regulations, excise duties, royalties, etc.

Getyourpandit.com's responsibility ends with transporting the content from its Indian registered office and offering the tracking number / ID. The seller may carry any other excise duties, royalties, etc., if any, in the nation of the retailer.
Yantra's color may not be identical to our website's pictures. The photographs are provided for the sole purpose of comprehension. Yantras are made of copper, so over a period of time the color changes are inevitable.getyourpandit.com is not responsible for the color change.
Important Note: All poojas or other rituals offered through our website in sathvik way as per our shastras.